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Top ten designer handbags in U.K.

January 5th, 2012

Women who love handbags often have at least one designer handbag. Designer handbags are all about showing how much you can and are willing to spend to look good. Some designers are more famous and commonly known in the handbag industry than others. If you are a handbag lover, you must possess at least one among these well-known names. For those of you who are new to the world of bags, here are the top 10 most spoken about handbag designers:

Hermes Birkin
Louis Vuitton
Christian Dior
Marc Jacobs
Yves Saint Laurent
Chloe Paddington

More often than not, any handbag of these designers that you pick up would be gorgeous and would up your style quotient by at least fifty notches! Some other famous handbag designers are:

Alexander McQueen
Lady Dior

These designer handbags not only look fabulous but are also of superior make. They usually last for years together and are a very useful and wise investment for any fashionista. The best part about these is that there is no age bar to carry them. Women of all ages and in every possible profession can find designer handbags that suit their needs to perfection.

The Beginner Graffiti Artist’s Kit

December 28th, 2011

Maybe you genuinely have an artistic streak. Maybe you’ve met a girl or guy that you want to impress with your skills. Maybe you’re dreaming of becoming the world’s next Banksy or are simply looking for an alternative means for self expression. If Facebooking and Twittering no longer do it for you, if photography feels to passé or if you don’t feel like becoming an old-school kind of painter—you might just consider getting into graffiti. First off, you should know that this liberating form of art is frowned upon by legal systems in many corners of the world. Tagging or painting public and private buildings is widespread, yet it is also often illegal. There are, however, lots of graffiti competitions that you can join, which will allow you to express yourself in a lawful environment. The question still remains, however: what supplies do you need, in order to call yourself a fully fledged graffiti artist? Of course spray paint is essential, but what else does graffiti require? Read on, to find the answers to your questions, presented in a brief and accessible manner.

Spray Paint

When it comes to spray paint, the basic rule of thumb is that you can never have too much. There are so many colors and brands out there, though, that choosing what is best for you will often prove difficult. First off, you need to research your brands on online forums or with other, more seasoned graffiti artists. There are several companies that offer good quality at reasonably low prices. Then comes the issue of the colors themselves. Figure out a basic color scheme that best represents your vision and try to add on to it as you progress in your craft. A good tip is to always wear a surgical mask when bombing, in order to avoid aerosol intoxication. There are high pressure and low pressure cans available on the market, which yield different color effects. You will also need a good, reliable, big can of black paint, and from there on, it’s all up to you and your imaginative availability: go for specialty cans, metallic colors or even transparent colors, if you’re so inclined.

Tips or Caps

Tips and caps are essential, since, as your bombing skills evolve, you will learn that your initial caps will tend to wear out or become otherwise degraded. You will, of course, purchase ink refills for your cans, and you will also require new tips. The aperture on the tips comes in various shapes and sizes and, of course, implicitly yields different design results. Tips and caps can be purchased in packs of three, five, twenty-five, fifty, or more. You need to pay close attention to the listed compatibility between a specific type of tip and the brand name on your can of paint.


Markers are the tool you will need once you’ve developed your own trademark, easily recognizable tag. Mark your territory and your city; however, don’t think you can call yourself a pro graffiti artist if you do this with a regular marker. Marker tips come in an extremely wide variety of shapes and sizes, from regular to extra wide, for truly dramatic results. Explore and experiment, as you seek to find your very own style and voice as a graffiti artist.

Some Great and Practical Gift Ideas for the Upcoming Christmas Celebration

October 6th, 2011

Christmas is just around the corner, and as early as now, people are already starting to shop for Christmas related stuff. You are probably wondering what are the ‘in gift items’ this season. Though we have been exchanging gifts every Christmas, looking for a gift each season doesn’t seem to become easier. In fact, most of us experience the exact same dilemma – what gift should we purchase for our loved ones?

One of the popular gifts given during the holiday season is the christmas hampers. You can select from a wide array of hamper choices that are filled with an assortment of special offerings. To make your loved one’s Christmas celebration more special, you should fill your hamper with Danish lean ham, classic Christmas pudding,  Butter Scotch Shortbread Rounds, Milk or Dark chocolates, and winter vegetable soup. These are food classics that will surely make the celebration more festive.

Another great gift idea is buying lovely Christmas décor. Visually appealing poinsettia ornaments are a must-have in any Christmas tree since they are known to signify purity. They are available in assorted colors, sizes, styles and designs that will fit all kinds of Christmas trees, whether big or small.

For those looking for beautiful Christmas adornments, you can give out beautiful christmas flowers that can be used to adorn the tables or Christmas trees. Flowers have been a part of the Christmas festivity and they are also considered a critical part of the Christmas decoration, so using them as gifts makes more sense.

Meanwhile, if the person receiving the gift is a bit techie, then consider buying the latest gadget in the market today. Ipad 2 and other tablet PCs are perfect gifts for teens and adults alike. Clothing articles are also good gift ideas especially if you know what size will perfectly fit the recipient of your gift.

For those with bigger budgets, jewelry and branded hand bags would be awesome gifts to give. However, since they are a bit pricey, you should shop around first to find the best deals available. If you have a constrained shopping budget, Christmas cards would be good gift option to consider. They may not cost much but when given along with a warm Yuletide greeting, then it would become a very meaningful gift.

Take time to do your own research to find the perfect gift for the upcoming Christmas holiday. Whether you choose to buy a cheap or expensive gift, the important thing is that it comes from the heart.

Is Fashion Giving You Headaches?

September 23rd, 2011

Fall fashion doesn’t have to be a big mystery, give you headaches, or keep you up all night. In fact, the looks this fall are all throwbacks to some classic retro garb. Remember the 80s? Well, even if you don’t, you’ll love some of the influences they’ll have on fall fashion this year. One of the hallmarks of 80s haut couture were leg warmers, yes, worn with leggings or tights, usually with skirts or long, belted shirt style dresses with ballet flats and sweat bands on the writs or forehead. That’s a look that never goes out of style. That, and big hair. Big 80s hair is making a comeback this fall. Long or short, you’ll want to go for big, poofy volume or long, razor sharp spikes that could slice paper if you needed them to. You’ll also want to overdo your accessories. Jewelry should be big, brightly colored if not completely reflective; think of the colors of highlighter pens, and go for day-glow! The same is true of lipstick and makeup. Try using metallic, reflective, luminous colors all over your face. This will give you that neon light look that made the 80s so recognizable.-Remember Gasoline jeans? They’re hot again. But you might not find them in the styles the 80s crowd was rocking. You want really skinny jeans with tapered legs that fit close at the ankles. They should be super smooth and tight looking, but not really tight. The look today actually plays off a lot better now that we have spandex and stretch material for denim – something our 80s predecessors never had going for them. Still, that’s no reason not to take advantage of them now! What goes better with those skinny jeans than oversized, long sweaters? Wear them belted, or loose, and you’ve got a great look for fall.-As far as shoes go, we mentioned the ballet flats earlier, but while we’re paying a visit back to the 80s, let us not forget those timeless ankle boots everyone wore. Suede was a popular material for them. You will be seeing them in a variety of colors and newer materials than the 80s had to offer, so be ready to take advantage of all that this retro revival has to bring. And don’t forget some nice hair color! Gone are the wide banded streaks and high and low lights of the modern era. We are going back to “frosting.”

Michael Kor’s Handbags

September 15th, 2011

Among distinct varieties that are found on various shops and malls, it is easy to find out the famous brand bags i.e. the Michael Kors handbags. It is always pleasing to buy such quality bags that are considered reliable and wonderful always. These bags and lots of other fashion accessories that have the tag Michael Kor on them comes up with huge fame and acceptance. People really admire the quality brand and thus, all of its offered items including Michael Kor’s handbags and fossil handbags are regarded and used all over the world.

The name Michael Kor is actually the reason for fame of these items so it is really interesting to know the history behind this name.

Facts about Mr. Michael Kor:

The founder of all Michael Kor’s fashion accessories is Mr. Kor who is appreciated for putting forward so many quality items in a fashion world. Unlike other vendors, Michael Kor has some exceptional creative thoughts and innovations in all his offered luxurious fashion items. That is why it is very easy to catch his items in a shop or market.

Very initial records to current age:

Michael Kor was named Kral Anderson when he was born in the town of Merrick New York. This town is found in Long Island. Joan Hamburger was the mother of Michael Kor who was a model. She was actually Jewish. Lots of people misspelled his name by calling like Michael Cors, Michael Khors, Micheal Kors and also Michael Korrs.

It was very early years of his age when he came into the fashion world. He was just 19 years of age at that time. He then began designing distinct varieties of clothing. For this course, he attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Michael carried out his studies and earned great name in the fashion world by offering wonderful women wears. Many famous fashion stores promoted his collections to a great extent. These stores include Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Lord and Taylor. In 1997, the French fashion house Celine offered opportunities to him and then he gained supreme fame there. In 2003, he was able to launch his own collection of women wears thus he left the French fashion house Celine in 2003. Since that time, Michael has offered exceptional items in all fashion lines.

A Great Guide on How To Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring For Your Partner

June 10th, 2011

Are you on the lookout for the perfect ring that you will use when you propose to your girlfriend? As much as possible, you surely would want to make your proposal a memorable day for both you and your future fiancee. You have already picked out the place where you will make the proposal but you havent’t bought the ring yet. Buying an engagement ring can be a bit tricky especially if you are not aware of the things that you should consider when acquiring one. In that case, allow this article to aid you pick out the engagement ring that would suit the style and personality of your partner.

Custom-Made or Off-the-Peg

Decide whether you intend to buy a pre-made engagement ring or you want to have one custom-made. If you want something unique and you don’t mind the cost, then you should look into buying bespoke engagement rings. Commissioning the purchase of bespoke diamond rings will allow you to create the perfect ring that will best suit the style and match the personality of your soon-to-be-bride. There are now a number of jewelry makers that produce bespoke rings. Check out online or you can also ask jewelry stores if they customize such type of engagement ring. Meanwhile, for those who are on a budget, they can just buy pre-made engagement rings that are widely available in many jewelry stores. Browse through the existing styles and designs and choose the one that you know will look good on your partner.

Cost and Budget

This is yet another important factor that you have to consider when buying an engagement ring. Whether you wish to buy a diamond or a gemstone ring, setting a budget and assessing how much you are willing to spend for the ring is highly recommended before you begin shopping for one. Remember purchasing an engagement ring will surely cost you money. That said, shopping around and checking the available options will allow you to find the ring that will fall within your preferred budget range. Since this will be something that will likely be worn for many years to come, you should pick a ring that won’t easily loss its appeal. In this case, you should think about spending more than what you originally had in mind. After all, this is a once in a lifetime event and you will be giving it to the woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with. That being said, you can go all out and buy the most beautiful ring that your money can afford.

Allot enough time for you to properly prepare for the day that you finally pop the question. You can ask your friends and relatives to help you setup the venue where you will be proposing to your partner while you pick out the best engagement ring to give her.

An Quick Overview of the Sergio Tacchini Clothing Label

May 25th, 2011

Sergio Tacchini has already established a name in the fashion market. However, unlike other designer labels, this notable Italian Davis Cup Champion (1959-1966) turned business entrepreneur made a unique approach to sports fashion. Sergio started out producing apparels for his former teammates. He reinvented the design of tennis track suits by integrating strips and colors for the first time. The very first colored tennis wear collection made its first appearance at Wimbledon sometime in the seventies during the timewhen Jimmy Connors won this prestigious tennis tournament.

In 1978, John McEnroe signed an 8-year contract with the Sergio Tacchini Clothing Brand. During the eighties, sponsorships allowed the label to become known in the international market. Since then, Sergio Tacchini label has successfully made it to the top of the tennis apparel market. Dubbed as the 80’s casuals, Sergio Tacchini’s sports apparel only made it to a few West London shops in its early days. But today, this Italian sport brand has completely penetrated the international scene and is now considered as one of the best retro brands around today.

If you are interested in checking out the available sports apparel collection carrying the Sergio Tacchini brand, you should check out authorized dealers of this particular type and brand of clothing. You can browse online shops that are known to carry a wide collection of Sergio Tacchini sports apparel.

My Daughters Love Charm Bracelets

April 20th, 2011

Having three daughters, is an interesting learning experience for a father that grew up with three younger brothers.  You really do learn a lot.  You learn how to tie pony tails, buy a [...]

An Expert Advice on How You Should Choose A Diamond Engagement Ring

March 31st, 2011

Are you planning to finally pop the question to your long-time girlfriend? Then, you are probably thinking of what kind of engagement ring you should give her. If this is the case, why not consider buying one made from diamond? As they say, diamonds are a girl’s bestfriend. This is the reason why every woman in the world would love to receive a diamond ring when their partners propose marriage to them. Therefore, to help you find the best engagement ring to complete your surprise marriage proposal, here is an expert advice that will surely help you in the selection process. [...]

Ladies Fashion

March 25th, 2011

What is the most important part of most women’s day to day routine? Apart from the usual family and work etc. Wondering what to wear on a daily basis is funnily is one thought we all have. Looking good and feeling great is important to us ladies. Every day we get up shower, moisturize, wash, dry and straighten hair, put on our make-up. Then we spend a lot of time deliberating on what to wear, what outfit would look good for your day? Whether it is clothes for work or taking the kids to school or going shopping and lunch with the girls. We can’t help but want to look good, Now a lot of people have said that we dress to impress men? Well the person that said that could not be further from the truth. We actually like to look good for ourselves and to make an impression  and look well turned out in comparison to other women. That is so true, us ladies can be very judgmental with clothing and fashion and we have all done it, looked another women up and down thinking what is she wearing! Or if you noticed someone who is dressed sensationally wearing the latest styles and fashion labels, you tend to feel a little less confident and in a way jealous – everyone has done it. [...]