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My Daughters Love Charm Bracelets

April 20th, 2011

Having three daughters, is an interesting learning experience for a father that grew up with three younger brothers.  You really do learn a lot.  You learn how to tie pony tails, buy a charm bracelet, listen about boy troubles, and how to come up with strategies for dealing with best friend dramas.  Mind you, some of these things can be fun, and some not so much.  I really have learned a lot about how much girls love shopping an jewelry.  Even from a young age.  I could blame my wife for getting them started early, but even if she hadn’t I suspect they would have eventually found their way to the jewelry store.

Charm bracelets are one of the more fun pieces of jewelry that a young girl can start off with.  It’s neat, because you get to keep adding to it over the years.  Which is great for other family members like grandma’s when they’re wondering what to buy them for birthdays,  and Christmas.  It’s also worked out well for us, since it means their sisters can buy them inexpensive charms to add to their collection over the years.

Charms are also interesting, because they can be customized to each individual wearers personal tastes.  Which, I think, is part of the reason why so many people like them as much as they do.  They can incorporate your hobbies, your accomplishments, and your aspirations.  As well, you can add personal charms that have sentimental value from family and friends.  I know, that each of my girls have very different charms on their bracelets, and it’s pretty easy to identify which one goes with which daughter.  I think after a while, they’ll make nice keepsakes, even if they don’t keep wearing them.  Already my oldest seems to have moved on to more expensive jewelery tastes, but she still keeps here charm bracelet close by.

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