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Ladies Fashion

March 25th, 2011

What is the most important part of most women’s day to day routine? Apart from the usual family and work etc. Wondering what to wear on a daily basis is funnily is one thought we all have. Looking good and feeling great is important to us ladies. Every day we get up shower, moisturize, wash, dry and straighten hair, put on our make-up. Then we spend a lot of time deliberating on what to wear, what outfit would look good for your day? Whether it is clothes for work or taking the kids to school or going shopping and lunch with the girls. We can’t help but want to look good, Now a lot of people have said that we dress to impress men? Well the person that said that could not be further from the truth. We actually like to look good for ourselves and to make an impression  and look well turned out in comparison to other women. That is so true, us ladies can be very judgmental with clothing and fashion and we have all done it, looked another women up and down thinking what is she wearing! Or if you noticed someone who is dressed sensationally wearing the latest styles and fashion labels, you tend to feel a little less confident and in a way jealous – everyone has done it.

So you are looking at your wardrobe and wondering what to wear??? Decisions, Decisions. We try outfits on look in the mirror thinking no and take them off again, try something else do the same then end up wearing what you first tried on, it is quite funny when you actually think of the ritual we go through daily. Do you ever look in your wardrobe and think – “I just have not got anything to wear, I have no decent clothes” If you thought rationally about it you will notice you wardrobe is jam packed full of amazing stylish fashion brands and garments? If you are looking to keep in trend and ahead of  the latest special offers or looking to try something different with your wardrobe have a look online you will find some many ladies fashion blogs which offer some many tips and brands and general chit chat about fashion clothing and life oh and gossip – us girls love gossip. You could really find some interesting fashion advise from women who just enjoy talking about fashion and clothes.

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