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An Quick Overview of the Sergio Tacchini Clothing Label

May 25th, 2011

Sergio Tacchini has already established a name in the fashion market. However, unlike other designer labels, this notable Italian Davis Cup Champion (1959-1966) turned business entrepreneur made a unique approach to sports fashion. Sergio started out producing apparels for his former teammates. He reinvented the design of tennis track suits by integrating strips and colors for the first time. The very first colored tennis wear collection made its first appearance at Wimbledon sometime in the seventies during the timewhen Jimmy Connors won this prestigious tennis tournament.

In 1978, John McEnroe signed an 8-year contract with the Sergio Tacchini Clothing Brand. During the eighties, sponsorships allowed the label to become known in the international market. Since then, Sergio Tacchini label has successfully made it to the top of the tennis apparel market. Dubbed as the 80’s casuals, Sergio Tacchini’s sports apparel only made it to a few West London shops in its early days. But today, this Italian sport brand has completely penetrated the international scene and is now considered as one of the best retro brands around today.

If you are interested in checking out the available sports apparel collection carrying the Sergio Tacchini brand, you should check out authorized dealers of this particular type and brand of clothing. You can browse online shops that are known to carry a wide collection of Sergio Tacchini sports apparel.

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