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Is Fashion Giving You Headaches?

September 23rd, 2011

Fall fashion doesn’t have to be a big mystery, give you headaches, or keep you up all night. In fact, the looks this fall are all throwbacks to some classic retro garb. Remember the 80s? Well, even if you don’t, you’ll love some of the influences they’ll have on fall fashion this year. One of the hallmarks of 80s haut couture were leg warmers, yes, worn with leggings or tights, usually with skirts or long, belted shirt style dresses with ballet flats and sweat bands on the writs or forehead. That’s a look that never goes out of style. That, and big hair. Big 80s hair is making a comeback this fall. Long or short, you’ll want to go for big, poofy volume or long, razor sharp spikes that could slice paper if you needed them to. You’ll also want to overdo your accessories. Jewelry should be big, brightly colored if not completely reflective; think of the colors of highlighter pens, and go for day-glow! The same is true of lipstick and makeup. Try using metallic, reflective, luminous colors all over your face. This will give you that neon light look that made the 80s so recognizable.-Remember Gasoline jeans? They’re hot again. But you might not find them in the styles the 80s crowd was rocking. You want really skinny jeans with tapered legs that fit close at the ankles. They should be super smooth and tight looking, but not really tight. The look today actually plays off a lot better now that we have spandex and stretch material for denim – something our 80s predecessors never had going for them. Still, that’s no reason not to take advantage of them now! What goes better with those skinny jeans than oversized, long sweaters? Wear them belted, or loose, and you’ve got a great look for fall.-As far as shoes go, we mentioned the ballet flats earlier, but while we’re paying a visit back to the 80s, let us not forget those timeless ankle boots everyone wore. Suede was a popular material for them. You will be seeing them in a variety of colors and newer materials than the 80s had to offer, so be ready to take advantage of all that this retro revival has to bring. And don’t forget some nice hair color! Gone are the wide banded streaks and high and low lights of the modern era. We are going back to “frosting.”

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