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What Exactly is a Beauty Trolley?

April 17th, 2010

A beauty trolley is essentially a protective storage case for all your make up and accessories. The manufacture of these carry cases is targeted towards beauty technicians and professional makeup artists. These professionals require a product which is capable of storing all their equipment at the salon or when traveling to clients’ homes for home calls. Beauty trolleys, also referred to as beauty case trolleys, are the ideal products for the storage and transportation of makeup and accessories. While beauty trolleys are targeted at industry professionals through internal marketing, they also serve as handy storage cases for non-professionals. They are ideal for storing your makeup and hair brushes, hot irons, lip colors, nail polishes and more!

It is also not uncommon for engineers to purchase beauty trolleys to hold their tools. Their ease of use and outstanding durability along with their many compartments, zip lined pockets and drawers allow for the easy storage and retrieval of almost all types of items.

Once you have stored all your cosmetics and accessories in a beauty trolley, it is highly likely that you will not move your styling items ever again. This is thanks to the transportability of the case. The majority of beauty trolleys are able to be divided into several sections thanks to the aid of securing zips and clips found at both the top and the bottom of each of the individual compartments. This means the trolley’s top compartment is able to be carried separately. It is therefore a wise idea to keep the items that you use the most frequently in the top section.

Specific features included in the design of the beauty trolley case for the storage of your beauty products include side pockets to hold hot irons. These pockets will protect your straightener’s ceramic plates from becoming damaged. Pull out mats extend from the base of the trolley and allow you to lay your styling equipment on the floor or work surface. With numerous other pockets and compartments designed for the storage of makeup cases, hair dryers and beauty scissors, you will be able to find a space in the case for all of your beauty accessories.

Beauty trolleys may be hard to get your hands on. However, if you are persistent in your search, you will be able to find one which is not only suitable for you but is highly appealing too. They come in an assortment of colors so you should not find it difficult to find a beauty trolley that you will love.

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