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Properly Caring for Your Powder Brush

June 17th, 2010

Clean skin is beautiful skin, and the care of your powder brush may be affecting the results you see after makeup application.  Makeup application is done properly when the right tools are used. Like quality cosmetics, the application tools are often an investment in your appearance.  The proper care and upkeep of them is essential to their long wear and durability.  It is also key to maintaining a glowing complection.

Taking the time to clean your brush is very important.  It can be done in just a few minutes, and when it becomes a habit, the time investment in the actual cleaning process will decrease.  Most important is the first step, which is immediatley rinsing after use.  Generally, warm water is appropriate.  In some cases, an inexpensive tool will lose some bristles if the glue is compromised.  In any case, this may happen if hot water is used, so warm or cool water is recommended.  When saturated, a mild soap soap should be applied.  Working the soap gently through the bristles, while holding under a faucet, will clean it efficiently.

Many different solutions are available for cleaning.  Different cosmetic manufacturers have created their own products, and these may be used with great results.  However, depending on your needs and budget, you may find that a household product can do the job for you just as well.  A gentle cleansing shampoo or a dish detergent that is not to strong or harsh can also remove makeup buildup in application tools. Some prefer sanitizing or anti-bacterial products, and these may be used, although it is recommended that a user make sure that they are not going to suffer negative side effects if they are to rough on delicate skin.

As important as the cleaning routine is the drying process.  Always shake the excess water out, very gently, and then reshape the bristles.  Next you will want to allow the brush to dry fully before using again.  It is often helpful to dry the brush by resting it on a surface that supports the powder brush, but allows the bristles to dry freely.  A windowsill or small shelf allows the user to rest the  brush handle on the edge, with the bristles hanging just over the edge.

A clean tool can make the difference in your makeup application, as colors will stay true and putting them on your face will be easier with a silky and clean brush.  Getting the impurities out means taking them off of your face.  What better way to put your best face forward, clean and clear, as we only have one chance to make a first impression.  Go ahead and make it with a pure and lovely complexion!

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