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High Heel Shoes for the Ages

June 12th, 2010

Do you ever wonder at what age a woman should start wearing high heels shoes? That is a question that is argued time after time because it is partly an issue of culture and generation. Some cultures in Europe start wearing high heel shoes at a very early age. The United States, for example, will see many girls wearing high heel shoes as early as high school, although it is not recommended. On the other hand, many countries in South America have never even seen a pair of high heel shoes.

So what is the big deal with wearing high heel shoes at a young age? The main issues have to do with growth, development, and safety. You don’t want to hinder someone’s growth and development just to that they can start wearing high heel shoes to the prom. Yes, the high heels are typically worn by young ladies to the prom, but it is typically a new experience. Some women may not wear high heels on a regular basis until they start their careers. By that time, however, they have had had a chance to reach their full growth and maturity. Yes, it will take time to get used to the high heel shoes initially, but after a few months any woman can be a pro in that respect.

Some of the best brands for high heel comfort are Crocs and Cole Haan.  Both brands are very meticulous in the way they position the heel on the shoe so that it provides comfort without losing style. And that is the biggest hurdle for any women’s shoe company. They need to provide a comfortable shoe but it needs to look good at the same time. If you have both then you have a shot at building a nice following for that specific shoe. But if you only have one of the two features then you may as well toss the shoe out the window and start over.

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