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Getting Dressed Up Is Fun

March 21st, 2011

Do ya ever wonder why some people like getting dressed up, and some people avoid it like the plague.  Could it be that some people are just more fun than others?  Maybe some people hate being themselves so much, that they’ll jump at the first chance they get to be someone else.  At least that’s what I used to tell myself.  For the record, I used to be one of those that hated getting dressed up.  Mainly, because I used to think that it drew too much attention to me, and I was never comfortable with being the center of attention.  Nowadays, I have no problem getting dressed up in Halloween costumes for Halloween, or silly beach apparel for a Jimmy Buffett concert.

I figure, it’s either that I’m getting a bit older and don’t care as much what people think of me, or I’ll do anything to get some attention in my old age.  Either way, I’ve learned that getting dressed up in some crazy getup is just plain old fun.  Or of course the other alternative is I just do it to embarass the heck out of my kids.  That’s always good for a little bit of fun.  Not like they didn’t have the chance to embarass me plenty of times in their early years. The hard part for me now, is to figure out what I want to dress up as.  Well, I should say the hard part is narrowing it down to one outfit.

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