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Finding Fashionable High Heels

July 11th, 2010

Many people make mistakes when buying high heels by being too timid. They go with solid colors instead of fun and wild prints. Other people err by being too bold. They go with heels that are more than they can handle. Some are afraid that strappy heels will look too much like sandals. None of these things should be concerning you. You can easily find the right high heels for you.

We all know that high heels are sexy. The higher the heels, the more shapely they make your legs look. But, if you get heels that you can’t handle, the heels will not look good. In fact, you will wobble, and not look confident. If you are not experienced with a high heel, start with a kitty heel and work your way up. Doing it gradually is the best way to adjust your feet and legs. Within a few months, you will have fashionable high heels that no one can scoff at.

This season, patterns are in. The more wild the pattern, the more fun the shoe. Animal prints are particularly big. Many prefer the animal prints in wild colors that will never be found on animals in nature. Some are wary of these because they do not know how to combine them with their clothes. To start, a little black dress will go with anything. Then, experiment with a few solids with matching animal print accents. This can create a fun and trendy look that you will be proud of.

Do not fear excessive straps, like those in classified shoes brand. Straps will make your foot look thinner. A lot of high heels oddly showcase the widest part of your foot. Straps will make it look smaller. Straps will also add a ton of support. If your high heels are not well supported, your feet will soon grow weary of wearing high heels. You can actually develop some serious conditions due to lack of support. It is not worth ruining your foot for a high heel when you don’t have to.

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