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Different Styles of Ladies Shoes

May 28th, 2010

There are many different types of ladies shoes on the market today. You can find them available at shoes stores and department stores, in all kinds of designs and colors. There are shoes created for fashion and fun, and shoes made for functionality. Some functional styles of shoes for women are work shoes and athletic shoes. Even though these styles are designed to provide more comfort and support for the woman’s foot, they still offer a lot of stylish choices to wear. Many top manufacturers of athletic shoes now offer them in colors geared to a woman, such as pink and powder blue.

The styles of shoes created to be worn in the workplace can range from basic walking shoes to classic pumps. The pump that is created with a lower heel, is often worn for work. This particular style of shoes enables the woman to have comfort while walking, yet comes in a stylish array of fashion choices to make her feel feminine. You will find the basic pump in styles that include various decorative accent pieces, such as bows, buckles or rhinestones on the toe. Another popular casual shoe often worn in the workplace is the flat.

This style usually has a wider heel that is also low in height. The flat is generally designed as a slip-on style and provides a lot of comfort for women who need to be on their feet a lot. This shoe is also found in assorted colors and designs including those made of leather or canvas. The ladies oxford is a type of flat, but it is a shoe that laces up rather than slips on. Ladies loafers can be real classy, yet incredibly comfortable.

The oxford style comes in styles that can be made of lightweight material so the shoe can be worn in warmer weather. A white lace up oxford in canvas makes a classic statement that looks good with a summer dress or a casual shorts outfit. A good classic style woman’s shoe is one you will still be able to wear and look good in, even a few years down the road.

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