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Choosing the Right Ladies Slippers

April 28th, 2010

Ladies slippers are an important purchase for any woman. While they may just be worn around the house, there is no need to give up style. There are numerous types of slippers that come in every color imaginable. Sometimes, just one pair is not enough.

Slippers are a lot like ladies shoes. It is important to choose the right size and type. If a slipper is too loose, it will not stay on and will be a nuisance. Too small and it will make the foot uncomfortable and could cause blisters. Pick a slipper size to match your shoe size. Try them on before bringing them home and be sure to read all instructions and information provided by the manufacturer.

Ladies slippers can be worn to relax at the end of a hard day. Drop off your heels in the closet and slip on something a little more comfortable. Because these will only be worn indoors, they can have a softer sole and be made of a more delicate material. Choose a pair to match a bath robe to complete the look. Typically, they need to be hand washed or put in the laundry on the delicate cycle.

Some slippers can be used indoors as well as outdoors. These types work well for quick trips to the garage or out to the backyard. They should not be worn on a daily basis as regular shoes because they will not hold up, but they are perfect for the weekend. Be sure to read the tag to find out the best way to get them clean.

Some styles are less like shoes and more like socks. This style slides onto and over the foot, but may have a grip on the bottom to prevent slipping. Sock slippers are great for traveling, as they will not take up much room in the suitcase and can be washed with other socks.

Be sure to reward your feet with some comfy slippers. Whether they are slipper socks or the classic ladies slipper, your feet will get the pampering that they deserve.

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