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Choosing a Good Concealer Brush

May 18th, 2010

Looking their best is an important aspect in many areas of people’s lives. First impressions are lasting ones. People strive to look good when at work, especially in business and sales where appearance may make or break their deal. Women usually wear make up in these settings, and poorly applied make up will surely distract their audience, if they are up close, and may lose her the sale. Using a concealer brush during cosmetic application will make a huge difference in her finished appearance.

Women agonize over their make up choices. It is imperative that they unearth the perfect shade, a consistency that feels good and not heavy on the skin. They make choices between liquid and powder variations. They debate over the importance of sun protection and which SPF will be enough. They ponder the option of added moisturizer, they wonder if it will make their face oily and shiny, or supple and smooth. However, most women give little thought to the brushes they use to apply their concealed. Usually the brushes that come with compacts are the ones women settle for. Foundations and concealers do not often come with brushes. Applying these products is frequently done with their fingertips or sponges. A synthetic haired brush is best to apply a concealer. The fibers will not absorb the product and will enable precise application.
The purpose of concealer is to cover up and help to smooth out discolorations. The use of a brush will allow women to blend concealer in areas such as the darkness under their eyes with the less discolored skin further around the eye bone.

Foundation also acts as a cover up or concealer by giving an all over coverage to the facial skin. When applying this type of cover up, the brush should be of natural hair fibers which will absorb the powder. The hairs release the powder once pressure is applied to the face.

Choosing the best brush shape and size is another consideration to give yourself a polished look. A long handled concealer brush with a lot of hair will allow for quick application all over. Smaller brushes with shorter handles help with the up close precise work. Medium size brushes could be used secondary to the compact concealer brushes to aid with blending.

Regardless if you use concealer and foundation to cover blemishes, minimize dark circles, tone down freckles or sun spots, or for overall coverage and minimal sun protection, choosing the correct brush is crucial for your overall appearance. Do not let poor make up techniques ruin your finished look for a day as a professional or for a night out of fun, your face is what people see, so put your best one on.

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