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A Good Eyeshadow Palette is Monumental

June 16th, 2010

Most people would say that an eyeshadow pallete is to each her own. In other words, one eyeshadow pallete may work for this woman but it won’t work well for that woman. The key to a great eyeshadow set is to have a very easy, durable, and practical eyeshadow palette. The question that comes to mind in most of these discussions stems from the fact that woman buy the eyeshadow for how it looks on the models but don’t bother to test it on themselves. That is not to say that the eyeshadow looks as good or sometimes better on you than it does on the model. It sound like I am being sarcastic but I am very serious about the importance of the individual eyeshadow. And the most important component of the eyeshadow is the palette.

Remember that eyeshadow and the eyeshadow palette is a package deal. You can’t tell Sephora to give you a few empty eyeshadow palettes because you have some eyeshadow powder to refill. Many people already know this fact but some would be surprised to know that the eyeshadow that is inside the palette is packed very very tightly. So much so that it is no packed by human hands, but rather a machine. And if you don’t think that finding the right palette is as important as finding the right eyeshadow then you have another thing coming.

It is crucial that you have the right palette so that you can property apply your eyeshadow. The wrong eyeshadow palette could turn a great application opportunity into an eyeshadow disaster. Don’t make the mistake of settling for an uncomfortable eyeshadow palette because the eyeshadow is the latest and greatest trend. There is nothing wrong with the latest and greatest trend but you need to have a good eyeshadow palette so that the application process is a success.

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