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A Coin Purse or a Wallet?

June 11th, 2010

We all know that a coin purse has limitations when it comes to storage. But how much storage do you need when it comes to carrying a few credit cards? Of course, those credit cards come in handy when you are shopping at your favorite jewelry store, accessories boutique, or handbag shop. Some women will substitute a coin purse for a wallet since wallet compartments that keep the items safe. For instance, a coin purse does not generally have built-in flaps like a wallet has. On the other hand, a wallet can be heavy and cumbersome, whereas a coin purse can be light and less of a burden when shopping.

Of course, the choice to carry a coin purse or a wallet becomes a bit easier when you are going out for a nice dinner and you decide to wear a flashy dress with high heels. In that case, a coin purse is the most fashionable decision. But what if you are running a few errands with your sister, her husband, your kids, her kids, and your husband? Is the coin purse a good idea in that scenario? I would say that a wallet is the better choice since you are not trying to be super flashy, but rather practical. And sometimes you want to be more practical than flashy if you have the kids to deal with (or have fun with, of course).

So my conclusion is that a coin purse is more of a fashion play, whereas a wallet is more of a practical choice. The great things is that both a wallet and a coin purse can look fantastic, especially when you have a brand name such as Coach, Kate Spade, Dooney and Bourke, or Gucci. It only takes one or two shopping trips or even an online browse session to spot a fantastic coin purse or wallet. So keep your eyes open to all possibilities.

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