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Rose Gold Wristwatches

May 21st, 2010

There are many occasions when you could give a watch as a gift to someone. If you are looking for a particularly special gift, you could choose from one of several styles of gold wristwatches. In the category of gold you will also see a variation which is known as rose gold. This type of metal is actually made from three separate metals combined together. It incorporates a bit of copper with the gold and may have a bit of silver in it as well. Most of the piece is made up of gold with the copper being the second most prevalent item.

The copper is what gives the piece its pink or rose hue. The original material was created by one company which worked in the Black Hills which are located in South Dakota. You might hear this metal referred to sometimes as black hills gold. The original pieces were made to be much purer in content than some of what you find today. While the various watches designed in this fashion still are quite beautiful the amount of the actual metal content may differ by manufacturer.

When looking for a particular style of watch to be worn on the wrist, you will see various styles for men and women. These will be made of various materials besides gold. You will see products which come with more casually designed bands made of fabric or stainless steel. Some elegant styles may be found in leather which are now available in many color options. Another difference you may find in watches is the design for the face of a particular watch.

You might choose a distinctive style of rose gold which has a face with gemstones incorporated in it. Many pieces of jewelry which use this type of gold are set with stones to enhance the overall appearance of the item. This makes a very elegant watch and would be the perfect gift for someone very special in your life. You can purchase the various styles of watches at most major department stores and fine jewelers. The designs and availability of material will vary according to the particular retailer. The price of these gold wristwatches will also vary according to the style, design and materials used in making the watch you choose.

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