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Green Baltic Amber Earrings

February 23rd, 2010

Green Baltic amber may not be what you think. It is unquestionably beautiful rich green, and it is unquestionably amber, but as so many gemstones these days, it is not 100% natural. Natural green amber is not what you see in jewelry shops and for sale online, it is not deep or solid green, but rather a variation of yellows and greens that are mottled by inclusions and lots of debris, fossils, and many colors. However, to add a richness to the color variations of natural yellow and honey amber, Polish and Baltic jewelers heat treat and color the natural stones to give them a richer appearance. The fine Baltic amber earrings that are for sale direct from the Baltic regions of Poland are all treated if they are solid green in color. This is a standard practice and is considered the same as treating rubies, emeralds and other gemstones. It does not make them fake, it just makes them “enhanced”.

Where Does Green Amber Come From?

Although the majority of amber on the market today comes from the Kaliningrad mines in Russia, much of the work and the designers and the craftsmen and the retailers you find online are Polish. Many Polish artists make a living from crafting unique Baltic amber earrings, necklaces, pendants and unusual bracelets from treated green amber stones. It is most often mixed with untreated pieces that are yellow, white, brown, reddish-orange and brown to craft blends of colors that are beautiful and unique to amber.

Are Cheap Green Amber Earrings Worth Buying?

The cheap solid green amber earrings that are sold for under $10 or $20 through mass retailers are the lowest quality amber stones, often with a lot of coloring added and with few visible fossils. They are also not very transparent, which is one of the ways that amber is graded. The lowest quality pieces will be opaque, not translucent and will have more debris than actual fossils. Again, the amber is usually real, but of a lesser quality and has been treated. Are they worth buying? If you must choose between costume jewelry that’s totally manmade and a piece of jewelry that’s set in sterling silver and has a gem that’s been color or heat treated, the better choice for your money will always be the genuine gem and silver. Even the lowest quality amber set in silver will last a long time and look beautiful for years to come, long after cheap fashion jewelry items have been tossed aside.

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