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Fashion Jewelry on the Web

April 30th, 2010

Do you ever walk though your workplace and see large diamond rings or sleek hoop earrings on your coworkers or employees and wonder how they could afford it?  Well, many people are choosing to be more frugal in their investment of jewelry.  My wife, for example, chooses to wear fashion jewelry at her workplace because she does not want to misplace or damage her authentic jewelry.  In fact, some of her coworkers have complimented her on some of her diamond rings thinking that they were original pieces.  She finds it humorous and is glad to tell them it is only fashion jewelry.  But she also finds it amazing to know that a piece of fashion jewelry that costs only $10 gets as much attention as a pair of earrings that cost $700.  While the web is great for technical stuff like finding some good free logo design software,  it’s not always so good for high priced jewelry.

There are several places to shop for fashion jewelry.  Shopping malls, gallerias, craft shows, and online stores are good places to shop for fashion jewelry.  However, when buying online, it is important to know the source because looks can be deceiving.  I know there are a lot of people who shop on Etsy, Ebay, Ecrater, and Ruby Lane.  These are good places to shop because they have three important component for the shopper.  The first component  is accountability.  Each of these sites provide feedback forums.  If there is a seller who is not legit, you will know about them because it will show up on their feedback.  Likewise, if the seller has integrity and delivers on their promise, it will show up in the feedback.  The second component is selection.  You will be hard pressed to be able to navigate through all the selection provided on these sites.  Most sites have high quality photos and descriptions that allow you to make a practical decision.  Finally, these sites allow you to shop at your convenience without having to get in your car and get in the store before closing.

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