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Cheap Earrings with Lightning Bolts

February 16th, 2010

If you like wearing themed jewelry, you may want to get a pair of Lightning Bolt Earrings. They would be the perfect accessory piece to wear to a Halloween party. You could dress up as a super hero and use the Lightning Bolts Earrings to enhance your superpower outfit. You could also wear them if you dressed as the bride of Frankenstein. The earrings are a fun accessory piece to add to your collection of themed earrings. You can get the earrings as small studs or as larger hanging earrings depending on the style you like.

The design of the Lightning Bolt earring can resemble a simple jagged bolt of lightning or several bolts. The earrings also come in various colors such as pink, yellow and silver. The earrings are also popular among younger girls that like to dress in a punk style. You can even find thundercloud earrings that have a lightning bolt coming out of them. The earrings are generally reasonably priced and you can find them for around $5.00 a pair. If you want a more glamorous pair of earrings you could always enhance them by adding a touch of glitter.

The Lightning Bolt Earrings also make a nice gift for a teenage girl that likes to wear unusual and original styles of jewelry. Add a pair of pink bolt earrings to a hot pink mini dress with ankle boots to have a retro punk look. You can also find lightning bolt necklaces if you like to wear matching sets of jewelry. Finding fashion jewelry is always fun because it comes in so many different designs and colors. You can find earrings with holiday themes as well as those that are casual. Whatever you want to wear your earrings with lightning bolts with, you’re sure to be the hit of any party or gathering you attend.

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