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An Insight On Emerald Rings

July 13th, 2010

Emerald rings are one of the most popular rings that you can buy, due to their stunning unique looks and the tradition they are coveted in. Emerald rings come in a number of different shapes such as oval and pentagon, and they can be various sizes, with the larger the gemstone, the more valuable the ring. Traditionally, the emerald is the gemstone given to individuals who are born in May, and they are widely used when it comes to weddings and engagements, as this is the historic gemstone that is given to a couple when they are celebrating their 55th anniversary.

Emeralds originate from a element called Beryl and they are mined from deep underneath the ground. In the emerald rock are chromium and vanadium. This is what gives the emerald its beautiful green colour and glow. Most of the emeralds in the world originate form Columbia, however they are also obtained from South Africa, Switzerland and Australia. Emeralds are notoriously difficult to extract from underground due to a large number of imperfections running through the gemstone.

Emeralds are often never naturally flawless, and the ones that are fetch an astronomical price. Usually they need to be treated with a cedar or synthetic oil. This helps to fill in the cracks and chips in the gem, giving it a more desirable appearance. However, when this method is implemented, the seller of the emerald must advertise that it has been oil treated by law. The 4 C’s are used when emeralds are graded. Cut, colour, clarity, and crystal, and magnification is not used when grading, unlike crystals.

If your emerald rings are to keep their pristine appearance, there are a number of steps and measures you need to take. First of all, you need to keep them away from direct light and high temperatures. These conditions may cause the gem to crack, due to the oils inside drying up. Also, do not use any cleaning chemicals when tending to your emerald rings, as this will also dry out the emeralds. Another thing to definately avoid is an ultrasonic cleaner. This will most certainly damage the emerald.

When it comes to what ring is used to mount the emerald rock onto for completing the piece of jewelry, the most popular metal for this is gold or platinum. This is because visually, they are the best companion for emeralds. Titanium is also becoming a firm favourite, due to its durability.

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